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Search Suggestions from Google

Posted by ScalarMotion on August 22, 2009

Last week I needed to find out how to perform a particular operation in Linux. I tried googling for it. As soon as I typed “how to” in the box, a list of auto-complete suggestions from Google dropped down. One of them read “how to get pregnant”, and I was like “no way that can be a popular search question”. So I dug around some more. I typed words like how/what/why/when/who to find out what common questions people were asking on the internet. I was in for some surprise. Look at these snapshots for some samples:


So, tying a tie has people in knots!


"How can I lose weight fast?" ... "How can I watch free movies online?"


"Why do men have nipples?" ... Proponents of intelligent design, please answer.


Hmm, why would things float ...


"Green"? Too much broccoli, may be?


Beer will indeed make hell a lot more tolerable.


"Who can I sue?" Are you really just looking for one?


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